“This is the weapon of a Jedi Knight. Not as clumsy or random as a blaster, it was an elegant weapon of a more civilized age.”

Few objects in the galaxy are more associated with the users of the Force than their simple, yet complex weapon of choice. The hum of white hot plasma within a brightly colored magnetic field, the unusual, yet artistic design of the hilt and the simple employment of a basic circuit using some of the most advanced technology. Few weapons are so sleek, yet capable of terrible savagery.

For over 1,000 years, the art of lightsaber construction and the many forms of combat were the purview of the Jedi and their nemeses the Sith. A foot long hilt, powered with a diatium cell and the focusing capability of a Kaiburr crystal, producing a meter long energy blade, these weapons were a sign of someone above the ordinary.

In the time of the Empire, the possession of such a rare antique is limited to those directly granted special permission by the Emperor and fewer still are as deadly in its use as Darth Vader. The Empire keeps a death like grip over any and all materials known to be crucial to the construction of the legendary blades and those who do possess the fortune to own one without being disintegrated must be counted as lucky indeed.

Yet there still remains hope among the few scant Force wielders left that a time will come when they can once again wear their signature weapons openly and with pride. Until then, they must be kept hidden, until all other recourse has been lost and life or death is at stake.

Range Engaged
Skill Lightsaber
Damage 5
Critical 3
Special Breach I, Sunder


Rising Force. A Star Wars Adventure phoebus24