Taron Dell

A hero in training


A young man who lived most of his life working for a traveling circus on Coruscant, Taron lived a life seemingly in line with the wholesome image of a perfect family. Trained to be a jack of all trades in order to make ends meet, young Dell grew to be a popular performer and would have been well content not to travel beyond the bounds of the tents and animal housing that comprised his world for over 20 years. And yet, this simple beginning was overshadowed by hints of a far larger destiny. Taron was often plagued by terrible visions and nightmares as a child, images and things he did not know or understand. At times he would be struck by severe feelings of deja vu, as his dreams revealed fleeting images of future events. The boy was also possessed of supernaturally quick reflexes and an intuition that bordered on precognition. His adoptive parents did what they could to shelter their boy, but it was becoming increasingly apparent that Taron needed to leave the capitol, if he were to escape the wrath of the Empire.

A chance meeting with one Asher Sungazer offered the hope of escape, and so Taron was given some clothes, an old blaster and as many spare credits as could be afforded. 3 special mementos were also given: a box of spare parts that included a strange hilt like object and a diatium power cell, an aquamarine birthstone necklace, and his adopted mother’s cherished cooking pot for when the chance of a home cooked meal might present itself. Stowing away on a cargo freighter, the wandering youth came to the distant planet of Spinter in the Outer Rim, following the instructions of his mentor Asher, and from there, Taron’s next adventure began…

Since his arrival, Taron has learned of his latent talent in the use of the mystical Force and has begun training in the restored Dawn Temple retreat of the now defunct Jedi Order. Young Dell is in many ways far from the ideal padawan, being haunted by uncertainty and fear of his new abilities, as well as a fierce desire for a return to a simpler life opposed to one of war and danger. Yet it is also this humility in the face of overwhelming circumstances that keeps the boy grounded and focused, devoted to mastering his training and finding his new center in the galaxy. His single mindedness has already allowed him a few rewards, such as a swift mastery over some basic Force powers and an incredible talent with the deadly Lightsaber. Time will tell where the circus youth ends his course, but for now, the horizon seems filled with promise.

Taron Dell

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