The Clone Wars have been over for almost 20 years. The Imperial rule of Sheev Palpatine, better known as Darth Sidious, has slowly ground most of the galaxy under its heel. A rebellion has arisen in remote parts, encouraging those dissatisfied with the military dictatorship to rise up and throw off the shackles of tyranny. Scoring a major victory against the war machine known as the Death Star, a new hope now courses through the star systems, but military might alone cannot think to succeed against the terrible power of the Dark Side of the Force.

With the near total destruction of the Jedi Order, it seems that there are no heroes left who might truly challenge the authority of the Emperor, or his vicious attack dog Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith. However, on a remote planet known as Spinter, located in the far reaches of the Outer Rim, a new band of heroes seeks to recover the lost arts of the Jedi Knights, and begin a new campaign to break the choke hold of the Dark Side over the galaxy. 2 wanderers searching for their place, a mighty hunter of a secret tribe, a tortured soldier haunted by the past, a grizzled chain smoking pilot with an attitude and a demented assassin droid are the bearers of a new generation of the Jedi.

May the Force be with us all…..

Rising Force. A Star Wars Adventure